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Singapore is hosting the largest sale in the world through July 26. The moment is here to check out the local style!

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You’ll have to make the trip to a little island just north of the Equator to witness the Great Singapore Sale in person. Singapore, a city-state in the tropics, is located here. This state may only be 718 square meters in size, but that’s more than enough room to host the world’s largest garage sale.

The state’s whole retail sector is included, from the high-end boutiques (of which there are many, of which only one three-story Louis Vuitton, constructed on the water, is worthwhile) to the cheap trinkets sold in Chinatown. Additionally, this shopping seasonal event lasts for a full two months.

The dates for this year’s Great Singapore Sale are May 29th through July 26th. In all likelihood, you couldn’t pick a finer time to dive into the local style scene.

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Anyone who values individuality and ambiance in their wardrobe should familiarize themselves with it. This year is the 50th anniversary of the state’s fashion, which is a unique mix of Chinese and Malay traditions, modern technology, and cutting-edge European fashion.

Keepers, located on Orchard Road, the city’s major retail area, is a great place to get a feel for the inventiveness of local designers.

More than 40 local designers have created collections that would make wonderful gifts for friends and family: natural skincare products and fragrant candles, gorgeous ethnically printed crockery, real leather notepads and passport covers, and even extremely delicious nougat. Since this state has no natural resources, its residents must bring in everything they consume, even water for consumption, making the latter quality all the more important.

So it’s a real stroke of luck if you can bring back anything truly “local” from Singapore.

Is there anything else I should know about Keepers Boutique? A special mention must be made of the local jewelers. Even though Singapore’s sartorial couturiers follow European fashion rules to the letter, their jewelry designs are free to show their creativity and authenticity.

At first sight, it’s obvious that there is nothing else quite like them in the entire globe.

Marilyn Tan Jewellery

Large white, pink, and yellow gold rings with perforated decorations that are too fancy for words stand out right away.

They trick you into thinking that the empty space within the ring is filled with a translucent stone by an unexpected dance of light and shadow.

Another eye-catching part of Marilyn Tan’s line is pendants made from asymmetric crystals.

When designing with crystals, the designer usually avoids altering their original form. Despite their flaws, flawed shapes may nonetheless be rather appealing.

Jewelry designer Marilyn Tan is a wanderer in dire straits. She gets new ideas and inspiration for the coming seasons from her trips to Bhutan, Peru, Chile, and Patagonia.

Tan’s loyal clientele in Canada, England, Colombia, Hong Kong, and other countries where the brand is sold adore the designer’s signature blend of international influences and Singaporean customs.

Official Website:

Carrie K.

Carolyn Kahn, the owner of the Carrie K. label, is a bubbly person. She also started the Keepers organization. In an effort to boost the careers of both herself and other designers, Carolyn launched a temporary storefront.

They collaborated to put on displays and find customers. The number of people able to open concept stores has increased over time, culminating this year in the opening of the largest local fashion shop on Orchard Road.

Carolyn creates modern and irreverent gold and silver jewelry for her line. Multiple capsule collections, each with their own identity, are on display at once at the shop. The “Infinity” capsule is a conversation starter.

Bracelets, earrings, and rings are all shaped like the infinity symbol, with their curves representing the symbol. It is believed that the figure of eight, which depicts this sign on a separate level, has special significance and brings good fortune to those who see it. The wearer of any piece of jewelry from this collection should expect nothing but good fortune.

All of Carrie K. jewelry is handcrafted and presented in limited quantities because it is vital to Carolyn to have a narrative behind each item (which she is eager to discuss with you when you meet her!).

Official Website:


The designer from Hong Kong, Tsura brand designer Tara Tadani, is unique among the aforementioned creatives. A “stand-alone” aesthetic is not allowed in the Keepers’ shop. They blend in with the crowd less in terms of style and more in terms of content.

Tara has been traveling the world since she was a little girl, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Jordanian desert; the aromas and flavors of the spice market in Istanbul; and the nuances of fishing in Papua New Guinea along the way.

The tribal aesthetic that characterizes her art is an expression of this cultural background. Pendants shaped like voodoo magic bottles, earrings that look like shark’s teeth, and bracelet cuffs with hidden small holes “for storing poison” are also examples of her work.

Tsura jewelry has larger, stronger, and bolder forms; they lack the intrinsic lightness of other local companies but make up for it with a distinct personality and an air of confidence. Those that place a premium on originality and self-expression in their jewelry will like them.

Official Website:

Joanne L.

Some of Joanne L.’s large-stone jewelry may be seen in a local store’s display case. The brand’s designer, Joanne L., skillfully weaves gems like sapphires, topazes, and amethysts into a sophisticated framework based on organic shapes and modern architectural motifs.

Her clothes are made with nighttime events in mind. And for those who are comfortable and confident in their ability to pull off the style, will look just as good with a plain monochrome T-shirt and skinny jeans.

Joanne’s interests include painting and photography, but she also likes to run and has even completed a few marathons.

Her adaptable and imaginative personality gives her an edge in seeing the world in novel ways. Joanne’s jewelry is a window into her fantasies about the modern lady and the enchantment that should accompany her attractiveness. 

Official Website:

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