Sentosa Island: Attractions, Hotels, Games, Rides, Beaches, and everything you need to know!

A five-square-kilometer island off Singapore’s southern shore, Sentosa is a popular tourist destination. There are still monkeys and lizards living in the tropical jungle that covers 70% of the island’s surface, which translates as peace and quiet in Malay.

During World War II, the island was used as a military post and a point of defense for Singapore, but in recent years it has become a major entertainment and amusement hub, which is quite a change in purpose.

sentosa aerial view of island with sea dock

While Sentosa was formerly known for its old-fashioned amusement park, it has now evolved into one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. First-class hotels and restaurants line the shores of the island, which is now the centerpiece of the Resorts World complex, which includes a casino and a Universal Studios theme park.

Other beaches, while lacking the natural beauty of Thailand’s greatest, provide opportunities for relaxation by the sea.

Despite the drastic changes made in the previous decade, Sentosa’s rebirth is far from done. It was in 2011 when Universal Studios’ Maritime Experiential Museum and park launched. Additionally, the SEA Aquarium is a massive oceanarium that opened just a few years ago.

For most visitors, Sentosa is not the primary reason for visiting Singapore. Sentosa is a great option for a day of relaxation on a trip to Asia that is full of flavors, fragrances, and colors; it’s also a good option for families with children.

You won’t even notice how quickly time passes while you’re having so much fun on the beaches, in the rebuilt old park, and at Universal Studios. If you’re looking to have a nice time, staying in one of the island’s dozen hotels can be an excellent option.

12 Top Attractions at Sentosa:

sentosa attractions

Resorts World Sentosa:

The huge Resorts World Sentosa is one of the most interesting new developments in Singapore. It has a casino, the largest oceanarium in the world, a water park, and a Universal Studios theme park, among other things. Reporting on this topic is the subject of an entire guidance page on our website: Hotels in Resorts World Sentosa

Wings of Time Fountain Laser Show

An enormous and enchanting nighttime performance in the open air. Fire, water, light, laser, and 3D projections with accompanying music of astonishing beauty and breadth are all part of this multi-sensory spectacular.

Wings of Time Fountain Laser show sentosa

Friendship and bravery are at the core of “Wings of Time,” a narrative told in a stunning and educational environment. Adults and children alike will be unable to stay apathetic. An awe-inspiring and time-changing event!

Imbiah Lookout

Imbiah Lookout sentosa

Located on Sentosa Island, which was originally home to an ancient amusement park but has undergone significant renovation, the Imbiah Lookout is one of the island’s most notable landmarks. Imbiah Lookout is the name of a guide page dedicated to reporting on it.

Cable car (Singapore Cable Car)

Singapore Cable Car sentosa

The cable car is one of the most difficult ways to travel to the island. The translucent rooms provide a great vantage point from which to take in the bay, the island’s lush vegetation, ships, and skyscrapers. Your kids will feel like superheroes as they soar into the air on this tour, thanks to the careful planning of the organizers.

Their hopes and expectations have been dashed as no such heroes have yet arrived. You simply need to put on a mask and a costume, and you’re immediately a part of the group and speeding towards the entertainment island.

Each booth is themed to correlate with one of the superheroes, and it is decked out with various symbols that represent that character. Harbor Front Tower Two, or Mount Faber’s last station, can be used to go on a fantastic journey.

Attraction Skyline Luge Sentosa

The island’s most well-known tourist destination As an added bonus, those who want to experience some serious speed may take a funicular ride over to the island and then drive down the mountain slope in specially designed sleds. Sledding was a favorite pastime for many of us as children. It’s impossible for such things to exist! Consider yourself on a toboggan run that extends over a kilometer in length.

The routes are lighted with unique lights at night, which adds to the magic and mystique of the forest and allows you to ride not only during daylight hours but also at midnight.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and be no shorter than 85 cm in height in order to ride the lift. Children no shorter than 110 cm in height are permitted to operate the sled alone.

Museum of Illusions (Trick Eye Museum)

When it comes to tricks, everyone likes them, but what if there is no trick at all? Three-dimensional artworks on museum walls, floors, and ceilings come to life via the use of optical illusions.

Trick Eye Museum sentosa

Anything is imaginable, from riding a tortoise to suddenly finding you’re hanging upside down in a Van Gogh painting. It’s time to get out the camera and start snapping away.

The symbol of Singapore – is “Merlion” (The Merlion)

Who or what is required to keep Singapore prosperous? Possibly a mythical monster, such as the Merlion, is at work here. Despite being a part lion and half fish, he has been protecting the city for a very long time now.

Merlion gold statue of man and woman

For days, the Merlion fought the elements on Sentosa Island and was able to master the winds, according to mythology. One of the island’s landmarks is a 37-meter-high monument to him on Sentosa. It’s also a viewing platform from which to take in the sea, beaches, and passing ships.

The beach of Siloso

Sentosa Island’s westernmost point is called Siloso Point. It may be accessed using the island’s transportation system. Two attractions are included:

  • Fort Siloso: A museum of military history housed in a British-built fort that housed multiple artillery regiments during World War II and was used to defend Singapore’s western flank. On their website, you may find more information, including hours and rates.
  • Underwater World Singapore: [This attraction closed its doors in 2016]: Underwater World Singapore has 2,500 marine creatures from 250 species in a tropical oceanarium. Visitors can do a lot of different things, such as swim with dolphins and feed rays.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach spans from Siloso Point to the Sentosa Monorail Beach Station at the foot of Imbiah Lookout, on Sentosa Island’s westernmost tip. Even though it doesn’t look very nice, it is one of Singapore’s most popular beaches because it is close to bars, shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Siloso sentosa green coconut tree during daytime

Beach volleyball, kayaking, and cycling are all popular activities on the sand. An annual ZoukOut celebration draws thousands of people to the beach, and on New Year’s Eve, the beach comes alive with fireworks and other festivities.

Attractions in Siloso Beach include:

  • Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure: This eco-adventure on a Segway is suitable for people of all levels of expertise. More details may be found on our GoGreen Segway Eco Adventure page.
  • Gogreen Cycle and Island Explorer: Sentosa island bike tours and rentals are provided by Gogreen Cycle and Island Explorer. Electric bikes are available to help you tackle the island’s steep hills. On their website, you may find more information, including hours and rates.
  • Songs of the Sea: A sound and light spectacle called “Songs of the Sea.” Songs of the Sea has further information.
  • iFly Singapore: If you’ve ever wanted to leap out of a plane without a parachute, this is the place for you! In addition to hours and rates, their website provides further information.
  • Wave House Sentosa: The Wave House Sentosa is an artificial wave simulator that surfers may enjoy. Visit their website for more information, such as operating hours and costs.
  • Flying trapeze is a trapezoid-shaped expression of emotion. On their website, you may find more information, including hours and rates.

Beaches in Palawan

Between Tanjong and Siloso beaches, you’ll find Palawan Beach on Sentosa’s south shore (according to Google Maps). The Sentosa Monorail Beach Station is the only way to get to it. There are a number of drinking establishments here.

Palawan beach sentosa green trees near body of water during daytime

With a suspension bridge, a tiny islet, and two viewing towers, it’s an ideal beach for families. If you look at a map, it’s hard to see how it could be both Continental Asia’s northernmost and closest to the Equator location.

The Tanjong beach

Palawan Beach (Google Maps location) is located east of Palawan Beach on Sentosa’s south shore. The bus that circles Sentosa Island may take you there. It’s the island’s most seclusion-oriented beach.


This area of Sentosa Island is known for its golf course, which is located in the Serapong neighborhood.

Passes for Sentosa Attractions:

A variety of options exist for accessing the Sentosa attractions, including single-attraction tickets as well as multi-attraction passes (not all are included in the passes). If you’re looking for it, check out the Sentosa Fun Pass website.

Passes can be classified into three categories:

  • All of the attractions are included in the Day Play Pass, which is valid from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and gives you access to all of them once.
  • In the afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. until the end of the day, the Noon Play Pass is valid, allowing you to access four attractions once.
  • all-day, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thrill Day Pass, which enables you to use two of five new thrill rides not included in prior tickets.

Best Hotels in Sentosa:

Several high-end resorts and family-friendly hotels can be found on Sentosa Island. Here are a few listed

  • CAPELLA SINGAPORE: On the island of Palawan, there is a luxurious resort with 72 guest rooms and 38 villas. It is one of Singapore’s most beautiful hotels.
  • RASA SENTOSA RESORT: The Shangri-La hotel in Siloso has 460 rooms and is located on the coastline (it is the only hotel in Sentosa with direct access to the beach).

As part of the Resorts World Sentosa complex :

  • FESTIVE HOTEL: A family hotel with a cheerful touch.
  • HARD ROCK HOTEL SINGAPORE: A unit of the successful brand
  • HOTEL MICHAEL: A design hotel.

More Options:

  • W Singapore Sentosa Cove: 240-room, five-star boutique hotel on the eastern part of the island. Opened in September 2012.
  • Beach Villas: luxury villas by the sea within the Resorts World Sentosa complex.
  • Equarius Hotel: a hotel for nature lovers within the Resorts World Sentosa complex.

How to get to Sentosa?

sentosa monorail, singapore, rail-2449711.jpg

Sentosa may be reached by a variety of routes. There are no restrictions on how you can get to the island and back using different modes of transportation.

The most comfortable option: is the direct bus.

Sentosa Rider is the name of the direct bus service that runs between several tourist locations in Singapore and Sentosa. Orchard, Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, Suntec, and the Raffles Hotel are all within a few miles of one another. Stops at the island’s most notable sights are scattered throughout.

You may look up the cost on their website (one-way tickets and tickets valid for a whole day are both available). There is additional information about routes and timetables available on the website.

The most “aerial” option and also the most expensive: is the cable car.

The Singapore Cable Car can be accessed in elegance thanks to its location on Sentosa Island. Mount Faber is where the journey begins, but the cable car station at Harbor Front is where you may begin. It takes five minutes to walk from Jewel Cable Car Station, five minutes to go to Harbor Front Station by the orange or purple lines, and then another minute to get to the cable car station.

Cable car lines traverse a building where the box office/ticket office is located, and boarding takes place on the top floor of the same structure. Imbiah Lookout, in the middle of Sentosa, is the final terminus for the cable car. On the company’s website, you may see the prices. Every day, from 8:45 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., the cable car runs.

The cheapest option: a combination of metro and public transport. The main access point to Sentosa is the Harbor Front

Vivo City Mall (the largest mall in a busy city) and the subway station (orange and purple lines). Vivo City may also be accessible through a number of conventional bus lines in addition to the metro (65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145, 166). Vivo City may be accessed from Sentosa in two ways.

The Sentosa Boardwalk, which opened in 2011 and runs parallel to the bridge, is another alternative. When it rains, there’s a covered walkway with many sliding belts so that no one gets fatigued. A fee is collected for each SGD $1 that passes through it. It’s open 24 hours a day, but the cassettes only operate from 7 a.m. to midnight, so it’s a 24-hour operation.

Alternatively, you may take the Sentosa Express monorail, which departs at Vivo City and travels across the island to the Waterfront Station, Imbiah Lookout, and Beach Station, all of which provide access to a variety of activities (access to the beach, restaurants, and shops). It is open from 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m.

Other options.

The island may be accessed by taxi, tour bus, or even a rental automobile because it is connected to the city through a bridge (something not really necessary in Singapore).

How to get around within Sentosa?

On foot, even in the relatively small area of Sentosa Island (which has a few escalators), can be difficult due to the island’s geography and the humid and hot environment. Buses in blue, yellow, and red are available for free to help visitors get about the island. Buses run regularly throughout the day.

Where to stay in Sentosa?

Aside from Resorts World Sentosa, there are seven more hotels on the island. This guide’s Sentosa Accommodation page offers all the information you need.

Have a good time at Sentosa!

On the Sentosa Top Attractions page, you’ll find a list of the best things to do, including two theme parks, a casino, a museum, and a variety of cultural and natural attractions.


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