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PlayMade by 丸作  Menu with Price

Fresh Fruit Series

Passionfruit Pulp Green TeaS$5.00
Grapefruit Green TeaS$6.10
Orange Pulp Green TeaS$6.10
Osmanthus Oolong Lemon TeaS$6.20
Osmanthus Oolong Lemon Tea with Basil Seed and Osmanthus JellyS$7.70
Orange Passionfruit Green TeaS$6.40
Grapefruit Honey Green TeaS$6.40
Grapefruit Yakult Green TeaS$8.70
Passionfruit Yakult Green TeaS$6.40

Honey Series

Honey Black TeaS$3.80
Honey Green TeaS$3.80
Honey Taiwan Green TeaS$3.80
Honey Black LatteS$5.60
Honey Green Tea LatteS$5.60
Honey Taiwan Green Tea LatteS$5.60
Honey LemonS$4.20
Honey Lemon Black TeaS$5.60
Honey Lemon Green TeaS$5.60
Honey Lemon Taiwan Green TeaS$5.60
Honey Lemon Chrysanthemum Tea (Cold)S$5.60
Honey Black Milk TeaS$4.70
Honey Green Milk TeaS$4.70

Exclusive Blends

Pink Cactus SmoothieS$6.10
Yakult Taiwan Green TeaS$4.70
Yakult Green TeaS$4.70
Yakult Chrysanthemum Tea (Cold)S$4.70
Cranberry VinegarS$3.80
Emerald Green Tea BlendS$5.60

Latte Series

Black Tea LatteS$4.70
Green Tea LatteS$4.70
Earl Grey LatteS$4.70
Osmanthus Oolong LatteS$5.10
Brown Rice LatteS$5.70
Cocoa LatteS$5.60
Matcha LatteS$5.60
Brown Sugar Fresh MilkS$4.70
Burnt Caramel LatteS$5.10

Milk Tea Series

Singapore Milk TeaS$3.80
Taiwan Milk TeaS$3.80
Green Milk TeaS$3.80
Taiwan Green Milk TeaS$3.80
Osmanthus Oolong Milk TeaS$4.70
Chrysanthemum Milk TeaS$3.80
Earl Grey Milk TeaS$3.80
Brown Rice Milk TeaS$4.50
Burnt Caramel Milk TeaS$4.70
Brown Sugar Milk TeaS$4.50
Cocoa Milk TeaS$4.60
Ovaltine Milk TeaS$4.60

Original Series

Black TeaS$2.80
Jasmine Green TeaS$2.80
Taiwan Green TeaS$2.80
Osmanthus Oolong TeaS$3.60
Chrysanthemum TeaS$2.80
Earl Grey TeaS$2.80

Seasonal Specials

Coconut TeaS$5.10
Coconut Milk TeaS$4.80
Coconut SmoothieS$4.90
Coconut Tea SmoothieS$5.00
Grape Yakult Black TeaS$4.70
Grape Yakult Jasmine Green TeaS$4.70
Grape Yakult Taiwan Milk TeaS$5.50
Grape Yakult Green Milk TeaS$5.50
Grape Yakult Honey Green TeaS$5.70
Pink Cactus Float Jasmine Green TeaS$5.80
Pink Cactus Float Green Milk TeaS$6.60
Pink Cactus Berries with White BobaS$3.90


Earl Grey Chocolate TartS$11.80

PlayMade by 丸作 Singapore Outlets & Addresses

PlayMade by 丸作 @ Tampines 1

Address: 10 Tampines Central 1, #01-59, Singapore 529536

Phone: +6565099693

PlayMade by 丸作 @ NEX

Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #04-17 NEX, Singapore 556083

Phone: +6565098727

PlayMade by 丸作 @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

Address: 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-154, Plaza 168732

Phone: +6562610787

PlayMade by 丸作 @ Depot Heights Shopping Centre

Address: 108 Depot Road, Depot Heights Shopping Centre #01-03, Singapore 100108

Phone: +6562539252

Playmade Singapore Delivery

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What is PlayMade?

Playmade is a new Taiwanese bubble tea chain

What does Pink Cactus Smoothie taste like?

Its flavours resemble the floral, sweet, milky taste of Bandung with a slightly sour aftertaste.

What is Playmade pink cactus Pearl made of?

The pink cactus pearls are made from the delicate pink pulp of the “penghu” cactus, which is found only in Taiwan.

Where is Playmade from?

PlayMade originates from 丸作 Tainan, Taiwan.

Are white pearls healthy?

They are considerably healthier than other varieties of boba.

How are the bubbles in Bubble tea made?

The bubbles in bubble tea are made from tapioca flour, which is starch.

Playmade SG vs Taiwan Milk Tea

Taiwan Milk tea has a creamier taste whereas PlayMade Milk Tea has a stronger tea taste!

What are the ‘must-try’ recommendations in PlayMade?

  • Wide variety of ‘pearls’ flavours
  • Unique and Tasty Pink cactus pearl
  • I liked Chrysanthemum milk tea, black sesame and burnt caramel milk tea as well
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