Genki Sushi Menu & Price List

Genki Sushi Menu with Price


Maple Caramelised ImoS$4.20
Caramelised TamagoyakiS$2.60


Kirin Straight Red TeaS$3.40
Kirin Lemon TeaS$3.40
Jasmine Green TeaS$2.80
Coke No SugarS$2.80
Qoo GrapeS$2.80
Bottled WaterS$2.00
Green Tea PowderS$11.00


Agedashi Tofu HamburgS$4.80
Agedashi TofuS$4.20
Crab Yuzu ChawanmushiS$4.90
Salmon Miso SoupS$3.50
Nameko Miso SoupS$2.80
Chuka Idako (Octopus)S$4.20
Chuka KurageS$4.20
Chuka HotateS$4.20
Chuka WakameS$4.20


Okonomiyaki SkewerS$5.30
Fried Burdock Root ChipsS$4.50
Chicken NanbanS$5.90
Tori KaraageS$4.50
Fried GyozaS$4.50
Aosa Scallop FrittersS$4.80
Scallop MentaiyakiS$6.50
Ebi TempuraS$5.50
Crispy Prawn w Yuzu MayoS$5.50
Shishamo (Smelt)S$4.50
Salmon SkinS$5.50
Fried Soft Shell CrabS$7.90
Fried Squid TentaclesS$4.80
Cheese MochiS$4.50
Maple Cheese FriesS$4.50
Mentai Mayo FriesS$4.50
French FriesS$3.50


Unatama RollS$5.20
Mala Beef RollS$4.20
Volcano RollS$5.20
Genki RollS$4.20
Mentai RollS$5.20
Spicy Salmon RollS$4.80
Cheese Tobikko Ebi RollS$4.20
Lobster Salad RollS$4.80
Soft Shell Crab RollS$4.80
California RollS$4.20
Salmon MakiS$3.20
Tekka MakiS$3.20
Tuna Salad MakiS$2.60
Kani MakiS$2.60
Tamago MakiS$2.20
Kappa MakiS$2.20
Natto MakiS$2.20


Salmon HandrollS$2.80
Spicy Salmon HandrollS$2.80
Unagi Avocado HandrollS$4.20
Soft Shell Crab HandrollS$4.20
California HandrollS$2.80


Spicy Salmon GunkanS$2.80
Salmon Ikura GunkanS$5.60
Ikura GunkanS$6.20
Ika Capelin GunkanS$4.20
Ebikko GunkanS$2.80
Cheese Tobikko GunkanS$3.20
Amaebi GunkanS$3.20
Crab & Crab Miso GunkanS$4.20
Scallop Wasabi GunkanS$2.60
Tako Wasabi GunkanS$2.60
Tori Karaage GunkanS$2.20
Kani Salad GunkanS$2.60
Inari Kani SaladS$2.20
Lobster Salad GunkanS$3.20
Inari Lobster SaladS$2.80
Tuna Salad GunkanS$2.60
Inari Tuna SaladS$2.20
Corn Mayo GunkanS$2.20
Natto GunkanS$2.20

Aburi Sushi

Salmon 3 FlavoursS$4.80
Salmon Spicy MayoS$3.20
Salmon MentaiS$3.20
Salmon Black PepperS$3.20
Hokkaido Cheese AbaloneS$3.60
Scallop Mentai AburiS$4.60
Akaebi Crab MisoS$4.80
Ebi MentaiS$3.20
Ebi Garlic ButterS$3.20
Kani Black PepperS$3.20
Kani MentaiS$3.20
Tamago MentaiS$2.80
Chicken Cheese BurgerS$3.60

Nigiri Sushi

Miso Saba SushiS$2.60
Ika Sushi (Squid)S$2.60
Hokkigai Sushi (Surf Clam)S$3.20
Salmon SushiS$2.60
Yaki Salmon SushiS$2.60
Hana SushiS$4.20
Ebi SushiS$2.60
Unagi SushiS$3.20
Maguro Sushi (Tuna)S$3.20
Kani SushiS$2.60
Smoked Duck SushiS$2.60
Edo Tamago SushiS$2.60
Tamago SushiS$2.20
Yaki Corn SushiS$2.60
Inari SushiS$2.20
Hotate SushiS$4.20
Tako SushiS$2.60
Amaebi SushiS$2.60


Premium Sashimi PlatterS$20.20
Sashimi PlatterS$16.20
Salmon SashimiS$6.20
Salmon Belly SashimiS$8.00
Hotate SashimiS$6.20
Akaebi SashimiS$6.20
Maguro Sashimi (Tuna)S$6.20
Hamachi Sashimi (Yellowtail)S$8.20
Kajiki Sashimi (Swordfish Belly)S$6.20
Amaebi Sashimi (Sweet Shrimp)S$6.20


Ebi Tempura UdonS$8.50
Beef UdonS$8.50
Kitsune UdonS$6.20
Kake UdonS$5.00
Maze SobaS$6.20
Zaru Soba (Cold)S$4.80
Hanjuku EggS$1.20


Spicy Salmon & Engawa DonS$6.50
Mala Beef DonS$11.60
Mini Chirashi DonS$6.50
Mini Salmon Ikura DonS$6.50
Mini Salmon Avo Mentai DonS$6.50
White RiceS$1.80

Genki Sushi Singapore Outlets & Addresses

Tampines Mall

Address : 4 Tampines Central 5, #03-26/27, Tampines Mall
Singapore 529510
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Waterway Point

Address : 83 Punggol Central, #02-23, Waterway Point
Singapore 828761
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm


Address : 3 Gateway Drive, #03-05, Westgate
Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Junction 8

Address : 9 Bishan Place, #01-22/30, Junction 8
Singapore 579837
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm


Address : 23 Serangoon Central, #04-21/22, NEX
Singapore 556083
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Ngee Ann City

Address : 391 Orchard Road, #B2-25/26, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

City Square Mall

Address : 180 Kitchener Road, #02-37/38, City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Hillion Mall

Address : 17 Petir Road, #01-14, Hillion Mall
Singapore 678278
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Bugis Plus

Address : 201 Victoria Street, #01-13, Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Orchard Central

Address : 181 Orchard Road, #04-30, Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Plaza Singapura

Address : 68 Orchard Rd, #06-05/06, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Suntec City

Address : 3 Temasek Boulevard, #02-456/457, North Wing, Suntec City
Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday-Sunday 11am-10pm

Chinatown Point

Address : 133 New Bridge Road, #02-33, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-10pm

Genki Sushi Singapore Reservation Booking

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Genki Sushi Singapore Discount Coupon/Promotions

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Is Genki sushi Singapore halal?

NO, Genki Sushi is not Halal Certified

What is so special about Genki Sushi?

Genki Sushi invests in sushi robots that perfected the skill of squeezing sushi.

Where is Genki Sushi from?

Genki Sushi is a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants established in 1990 in Japan

Why is Genki Sushi angry?

The angry arched brows and frown are to symbolize the chef’s game face when he’s in the “zone”. 2 red dots on the cheeks mean “Genki”, which translates to being energetic and positive.

Does Genki Sushi use mirin?

Yes, Some of our sauces have mirin (a kind of Japanese rice wine) in them.

Is Genki a franchise?

Franchised by Japanese Dining Concepts (Asia) Ltd, a subsidiary of Maxim’s Group Hong Kong.

Is Genki Sushi expensive?

Yes, Some items are kind of expensive

Does Genki sushi have pork?

No, They don’t have pork or lard in their food

What are the ‘must-try’ recommendations in Genki sushi?

  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Mentaiko Fries + sauce
  • Pollack roe rolls
  • Lobster salad beancurd skin
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