Egg Stop Singapore Menu & Price List

Egg Stop menu with Price

Egg Stop Drinks

Calamansi JuiceS$2.70
Fruit PunchS$2.70
Blackcurrant JuiceS$2.70

Egg Stop Tea Latte Series

Oolong LatteS$5.20
Earl Grey LatteS$5.20
Hojicha LatteS$5.20
Matcha LatteS$5.20

Egg Stop The Batter Guys

S’mores SandwichS$5.50
Fried Chicken & WafflesS$7.90
Chicken Ham & Cheese WafflesS$5.50
Breakfast Sausage SandwichS$7.90

Egg Stop Combo Sets

Mala Chicken + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80
Mackerel Otah + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.00
Smoked Chicken + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.00
Beef Chilli Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$15.20
Turkey Bacon & Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80
Spicy Fried Chicken Sando + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.00
Chicken Ham & Cheese + Tater Tots + JuiceS$14.80

Egg Stop Sides

Cheesy Chicken PopS$5.60
Mac & CheeseS$5.50
Loaded Tater TotsS$5.70
Garlic Bread SticksS$3.70
Beef Cheesy Pasta PotS$5.90

Egg Stop Sandwiches

Sweet Thai Chilli Fish SandwichS$7.60
Fried Chicken SandoS$7.80
Smoked ChickenS$6.80
Beef Chili CheeseS$7.50
Chicken Ham & CheeseS$6.50
Turkey Bacon & CheeseS$6.50
Mala ChickenS$6.80
Mackerel OtahS$6.80
Egg MayoS$5.00
Kimchi & Chicken SpamS$6.50

Egg Stop Popular Menu

Fried Chicken SandoS$7.80
Loaded Tater TotsS$5.70
Smoked ChickenS$6.80
Beef Chili CheeseS$7.50
Egg MayoS$5.00
Turkey Bacon & CheeseS$6.50

Egg Stop Singapore Outlets & Addresses

Egg Stop Singapore

1. Egg Stop

Address: 89 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218375

2. Egg Stop @ Bedok

Address: 84 Bedok North Street 4, #01-35, Singapore 460084

3. Egg stop Vivo City

1 Harbourfront Walk B2, K19, Singapore 098585

Egg Stop Singapore Delivery:

Coming Soon

Egg Stop Singapore Reservation Booking:

Coming Soon

Egg Stop Singapore Hotline:

They don’t have a dedicated hotline,

Mail them here: hello(at)

Egg Stop Singapore Discount Coupon/Promotions

No Coupon available at the moment, come back later

Egg Stop Singapore Contact- Social Media


Is egg stop halal?

Egg Stop is yet to be halal-certified, but it is owned by a Muslim

How to make egg stop sandwich?

What are the ‘must-try’ recommendations in Egg Stop?

  • Amazing Sandwiches
  • Tasty scrambled eggs and bacon filings
  • and yummy Oreo milkshakes
Egg Stop Singapore
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