9 Healthy & Popular Bagel Shops of Singapore

Baking, boiling, or both processes are used in the production of bagels. Each bagel starts out as a collection of simple components that are meticulously combined before being baked or boiled.

Bagels are frequently a versatile breakfast and lunch option that can always please your taste buds since they provide a number of alternatives, both sweet and savory, to choose from.

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However, not all bagels have the ideal balance of taste and chewiness in their construction. Only a select fraction of Singapore’s numerous bagel businesses have perfected the art of making bagels in the traditional manner.

Consequently, when you go to Singapore, you shouldn’t forget to include these bagel store locations on your bucket list!

Baker & Cook

Baker & Cook has painstakingly expanded its business to the point that it now has a number of branch sites dispersed over the entirety of Singapore.

Given that the menu at Baker & Cook includes a variety of options, including bagels, pastries, and more, it should come as no surprise that it is considered to be one of the more traditional lunches and tea establishments.

Bagels may be purchased at Baker & Cook in a variety of varieties, including original, onion, sesame seed, and grains and seeds in addition to the standard taste. You may enjoy the bagels with a dab of cream cheese or peanut butter on top, which will provide the ideal taste combination for you to enjoy.


If you are a fan of schmears, there is no place more appropriate to come for bagels than the very business that is named after the spread. Schmear provides customers with freshly made bagels that are hand-rolled in the New York manner. These bagels are served with a variety of cream cheese spreads, including the standard spring onion and jalapeo cheddar, as well as strawberry and chipotle avocado.

You won’t leave hungry with one of these robust sandwiches, but if you’re in the mood for something truly decadent, opt for the pizza bagel. You can customize it with any toppings and cheese you prefer most.

Two Men Bagel House

When you come to this bagel store, which has been in business since 2014, you simply cannot go wrong with anything you order. In point of fact, Two Men Bagel House bakes its bagels on a daily basis and provides customers with a wide variety of exciting topping combinations in order to provide the most intense taste explosion.

At every location of the Two Men Bagel House, you’ll discover a unique take on the menu items available. On the menu, you may try ordering “The Veteran,” a dish that is well-liked by guests and consists of shoyu pork, sunny-side up egg, cabbage, and mayonnaise, all of which have the potential to make you feel addicted.

Wild Honey

Whether you’re a native or just passing through, you’ll quickly learn that Wild Honey serves up enormous breakfasts.

The I Love New York breakfast special consists of scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, smoked salmon, and a sesame bagel.

If you have a sensitivity to gluten, you may even substitute gluten-free items for those called for in the recipe. We make our bagels from scratch every day so you may customize the level of crunchiness and chewiness you’d like. Moreover, Wild Honey is a pet-friendly eatery.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co

The brunches at Dutch Colony are nothing new for us to experience. It is a popular place to go for a hot cup of coffee, a piece of cake, and really fulfilling bagels that can be eaten at any time of the day and will make you feel full.

Our favorite? The bagel with beef pastrami, topped with spring onion cream cheese, onions that have been sautéed, and a hearty portion of beef pastrami. It’s like having perfection in front of you.

NYC Bagel Factory

There is a place in Singapore called NYC Bagel Factory that sells real New York City-style bagels. Due of the high protein wheat flour and brown sugar used, they are thick, chewy, and have a somewhat crispy surface.

Try one of the six available varieties (including whole wheat, blueberry, and cinnamon raisin) with some of the company’s own cream cheese.

Sarnies Singapore

Sarnies is the one bagel shop that you simply must visit while you are in Singapore. When you go to Sarnies, you will see an option called “Pimp Your Breakfast.” This is the reason behind this. As the word “topping” indicates, you are free to spread any toppings you choose on your bagel.

The bagel topped with salmon, cream cheese, and onions is a popular option that you should try out. It will provide you with the ideal combination of crunchiness, smoothness, and astringency in your meal.

Able Bagel

Able Bagel, a local establishment, will make you an unconventional nasi lemak bagel sandwich if that’s what you’re craving.

Above stated bagel is a cheeky take on a local favorite; it consists of a pleasantly fragrant Lemak coconut bagel stuffed with ikan bills, sambal chilli, a fried egg, and a succulent fried chicken cutlet.

But if you’re a purist, the Love you Lox! (cured salmon, scallion schemer, picked red onions, and capers) is the perfect sandwich for you. If you’d rather not make breakfast every morning, you can get a box of bagels in a variety of flavors, from Cinnamon Raisin to Furikake, and be set for the week.

ONALU Bagel Haús

The close proximity of this bagel business to Singapore Management University has quickly made it a popular choice among SMU students. At ONALU Bagel Ha’s, you may also order from an intriguing selection of kombucha, tea, and coffee beverages to complement your bagel.

Bogogi Beef is a bagel sandwich that combines bulgogi beef, a sunny-side up egg, and lettuce in a way that is reminiscent of a traditional Korean dish.

Lunch at ONALU Bagel Haús is available in a variety of options, including vegetarian options like Porter’s Belly and Jam & Nutty.

A bagel is a safe bet every time. Whether it’s salty or sweet, there’s a wide range of tasty additions you may make. Actually, some of these bagel cafes have the quality of taste guarantees and use only the highest quality ingredients, so you can count on always getting a treat with an exceptional harmony of tastes.

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